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Give Arvid the Gift of Mobility!
Aug 4, 2010

Last November, a bout of meningitis left Arvid blind, deaf, and paralyzed; he fell into a coma for several days, and nearly died. He soon recovered his vision and hearing, but remains paraplegic, requiring extensive careóhe needs to be hand-fed, cleaned and kept company. Although Arvid is frustrated by his paralysis, he finds joy in his relationships and often expresses delight over his favorite foods.  Over the past few months, he has been making slow progress. He is gradually regaining movement in his shoulders, arms, hands and legs. Though his continued improvement and his strong spirit keep everyone hopeful, Arvid still needs a lot of help!

Arvid still cannot walk on his own and probably will not be able to for a long time. Michael Moor, an orthotic and prosthetic specialist in Portland, Oregon, has used Arvidís measurements and sophisticated digital imagery to design a first of its kind lightweight wheelchair that will place Arvidís arms and legs in a normal chimpanzee walking position. Widely spaced spherical tires will allow Arvid to move himself around in all directions. He will progressively bear more and more weight on his limbs. If Arvid is to ever walk again, such a chair is a necessary transition. We need your help to make it happen!

A long-time ardent supporter has pledged $1,000 toward the $4,000 estimated cost of the wheelchair. Join this generous donor in giving Arvid independence!

Donate now to give Arvid the gift of mobility!

If you know anyone who would also like to help, please share this story and invite them to join you.

Thank you for your continued support and compassion! 

See Arvid smiling at his reflection and other photos on  





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