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E-news IDA-Africa - Violence Settles and Mado's Baby
Mar 19, 2008

Dear Friend,

In our previous two e-newsletters the protests and violence in Cameroon were of great concern.  Since then, the violence has subsided and a relative quiet has taken its place.  In the city of Yaounde, daily life has resumed with a sense of normalcy yet the military presence continues.  It is unknown what the future will hold and for how long the blanket of calm will remain over the unrest.  For now things are quiet.

The chimpanzees at Sanaga-Yong Center are all safe and that area, including the nearest town, Belabo, was spared the violence. We will keep you informed if the situation changes in Cameroon. 

IDA-Africa continues to work hard and plow ahead in efforts to help captive chimpanzees and conserve free living great apes.  This week Dr. Speede and her team in Cameroon are working on the confiscation of several illegally held orphaned chimpanzees whom are reported to be in quite poor condition, and, in collaboration with the Last Great Ape Organization, will fight to hold their captor to the standard of law prohibiting the kill, capture, sale or purchase of great apes.   We will send an update about this rescue mission in the next e-newsletter.


Mado and Njabeya

Mado lost her mother to poachers when she was just a baby and the next three years of her life were spent at the wim of laboratory researchers.  Her immense fear and anger toward humans when she arrived at Sanaga-Yong Center served as a window into the pain and suffering she had endured as a child. 

Dr. Speede's beautiful story of Mado and her gift, Njabeya, is told in the 2007 Bush Telegraph.  Born to Mado August 24th, 2007, Njabeya is the first and only birth at Sanaga-Yong Center.  In "Mado's Gift" Dr. Speede also talks about birth control, the dynamics of a newborn brought into a family of chimpanzees who were stolen from their own families as babies, and the beauty and wonder that has come to this family group.

Mado and Njabeya:


Our new truck has arrived!  

The shoestring our old vehicles are hanging on by is about as tattered and torn as it could be.  A reliable vehicle is a life line for daily operations at Sanaga-Yong Center and an absolute necessity for traveling throughout Cameroon to rescue chimpanzees.  The roads are so often nothing more than a hodgepodge of mud slides, water ways and boulder-sized craters.  A good vehicle is critical to all that we do and we extend a sincere THANK YOU to all who helped make this purchase possible. 

BBC News Report:

Cameroon's Bushmeat Dilemma 
Food writer Stefan Gates investigates the appetite for bushmeat that is threatening to wipe out many endangered species in Cameroon. 

Read more and watch three informative videos, including an interview of Sanaga-Yong Chimpanzee Rescue Center manager, Agnes Souchal, in which she discusses the harsh reality facing great apes and the work IDA-Africa is doing to make a difference.

Employer Gift Matching

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Many companies, large and small, have Matching Gift Programs which double or even triple their employee's tax-deductible donations. These programs are an easy way to maximize the benefit of your generous donation to IDA-Africa.

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